FurSquare Rule


Before Attending

Please pay the entry fee and if you wish to purchase goods with explicit content, please show your official ID card or AnthroCard for age verification at the registration. You will get a wrist strap to indentify that you have paid the entry fee. Do NOT take it off or damage it or you will have to pay the entry fee again. Wrist strap will be in different colous depending on your age verification status, please let the registration staff know immediately if you think you are givin the wrong colour. Please read the rules at FurSquare before attending

Queueing before event time

A queueing area will be arranged for those who come before the event starts

  • Do NOT reserve queue space for others not already in the premises
  • Do not enter the event premises before 10.00 of the event date.
  • Queue starts at 10.30
  • Inform others before you leave the queue to visit the restroom

Age verification

Will be handled at the registration desk, the following IDs are sufficient:

  • National ID card, Driving License or other IDs issued by governments
  • Passport

Other IDs are NOT sufficient for age verification

During and in the event

Please follow the following rules to keep FurSquare enjoyable for everyone

  • Be mindful or your surroundings and others.
  • Keep your voice at a moderate level
  • Please keep clear of the isles
  • Please keep the area clean


  • DO NOT leave your belongings unattended, FurSquare holds no responsibility to anything that might happen your belongings.
  • Loss and found is at the registration or information desk
  • Inform any staff member immediately should you find any suspicious person or item

General Rules

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed in the event’s premises. Everyone deserves their privacy.
  • NO drug, alcoholic beverage or fire hazard items
  • NO strong smell food
  • NO pet
  • NO children under 6 years old

FurSquare reserves the rights to have violators leave the event. All decision by FurSqaure are final.


  • Prepare your own bag to carry your shopping as circles might not have bags for you.
  • Refrain from bargaining
  • Prepare changes, refrain from using high value notes
  • Age verification is always required for specific content goods


  • Please refrain from negatively criticising goods near circles. Let’s keep the atmosphere nice for everyone!
  • Ask for permission before you touch anything
  • Use 2 hands to open books to avoid damaging them

Queueing at circles

  • Please queue up
  • If “Last person” sign is available, hold it high enough so others can see.
  • Respect others in queue

Fursuit / Cosplay

Are allowed but no facilities will be provided. Please keep clear and be mindful of others when moving around in costumes. Note that photography is not allowed in the event.


Rules are subject to change without prior notice. All decisions are final. Rules and Regulations are based on Comic Avenue

(Circles) Circle selection process

Is on a FCFS (First Come First Served) basis. FurSquare reserves the right to cancel your application should you violate any rules or does not possess enough qualification.